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Structures is the innovation hub for manufacturing the most cutting-edge settlement solutions and financial programs for plaintiffs and their legal counsel. Their team is equipped with the expertise to offer solutions that address some of the most difficult tax considerations. The flexibility of their programs allows clients to utilize their team in many different areas such as non-qualified attorney fees, installment sale transactions, employment litigations, environmental litigations, celebrity endorsements, as well as many others. In addition to creating programs, they provide access to new life insurance markets only available in the settlement marketplace through Structures. Learn more about Structures here.

Centurian Assurance Services, LTD.

Centurion Assurance Services Ltd. (“Centurion”) is a management company which offers predominantly responsive and professional captive insurance management services amongst other related services. Depth of knowledge and experience in the international business and insurance regulatory environment is a hallmark of Centurion's captive management services. Currently, Centurion provides such services to a growing portfolio of diverse international clients originating principally from the North and Latin American market.”

Tomlin Insurance Brokers

Tomlin Insurance Brokers is an independent commercial insurance broker with over 30 years of experience in corporate insurance and risk management in the Caribbean. They use their expertise in commercial insurance and risk management and act on the clients behalf. They provide advice in the interest of their clients, leveraging their network of insurance providers to get you the best coverage at the best price.

Chancery Chambers, Attorneys at Law

The firm with its’ affiliate, Chancery Corporate Services Limited, offers professional advice and guidance for International and local clients on the use of the appropriate entities such as International Business Companies, Societies with Restricted Liabilities, International Financial Services Companies, Foreign Currency Permit holding entities and Exempt Insurance Companies. It also provides corporate advisory, corporate secretarial and administrative services to local, regional, international and multinational companies.

Chancery Chambers regularly provides tax advice and opinions in international and domestic transactions and in the structuring of investments. It has also been a leader in developing tax advantaged structures working in conjunction with accounting firms and regulatory authorities.

Royal Banking of Canada (RBC)

RBC is a diversified financial services company and provides a variety of financial services to personal, business, public sector and institutional clients. Currently RBC employs approximately 78,000 full and part-time employees who serve over 16 million clients in Canada, the United States and 39 other countries including Barbados.

BDO Barbados

The independent audit of Structured Assignments, SCC's financial statements is performed annually by BDO Barbados.